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All the colours of Spring!

All the colours…not of the rainbow, but of spring….  Has it actually arrived?  Can we pack away gloves, scarves, oh, and umbrellas, for another year?  No more jumping in muddy puddles, a la Peppa Pig, well for a week or so, at least!  Has the dull, wet and dismal winter we’ve had this year, finally made way for spring?  Well, if the last few days are anything to go by, then the answer’s a hopeful YES!  And a few frosty mornings are a small price to pay for sunny skies, blossom on the trees, bulbs flowering and birds singing at dawn.  Oh, and lighter nights and mornings.

Gives you a spring in your step, doesn’t it?  There’s nothing like a bit of colour to cheer us all up.

And if you’re planning a spring party, for a birthday celebration, Easter, anniversaries or just a family and friends get together where you can get out into the garden, without sinking into a quagmire of mud, why not take a look at our colour theme party supplies ?  They will certainly add a splash of colour to your Bit of a Do.

There’s loads of ways in which you can ensure your party is a colourful one.  Play colour inspired games with the kids, for one.  Choose three colours – Yellow, Green and Red .  Red equals fast, Green is average, and Yellow is slow.  Ask children to do different activities – hopping, running, skipping, jumping – calling out the colour and activity, and play some music.  That should soon tire them out!  Attach brightly colourful iced doughnuts to different coloured string, twine or streamers, and hang them from a tree, maybe.  The children need to catch and eat the doughnuts – but not using hands.

There’s loads you can do to make your food spring like and colourful – decorating cupcakes, making healthy fruit skewers.  Let your imagination run riot!

And decorate.  Streamers, balloons, swirl, banners.  Mix and match your colours for a vibrant look, or stick to one colour theme for a sophisticated look.

And Enjoy!

Let us know how you are going to celebrate the arrival of Spring…