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Three colourful balloons

Spring party ideas for kids

Spring is a lovely season. Everything is just beginning to tentatively uncoil itself after the depth of winter; new growth springs in to life and the sun begins to warm a little too. Overall, it is a great time but to have your birthday in the spring season is even better!

Spring is a great time to have a colourful birthday party, from a party outdoors to great party bag ideas that can usher in the warmth of summer. Here are 5 great spring party ideas for kids…

Rainbows, sparkle and a hint of sun!

Spring is a magical time. One minute, everything seems dormant and still, but within a blink of an eye, everything can wake up! One moment we are still shivering in our woolly jumpers, the next we are enjoying the first gentle warm breeze of spring on our skin.

Kids love spring too; it is a time they can start to cast off the restricting coats, hats and gloves, and run around in short sleeves and shorts! For those little people who enjoy the spring, why not welcome the time with rainbows, sparkle and hopefully, a hint of sun?

Rainbows are colourful and magical, add a sprinkling of glitter to catch the sun’s rays and you have the perfect setting for any young lady to host their birthday in spring. When accessorising your venue or home, think pastel colours – but a lot of them!

Think glitter and jewels – and have plenty of them! Hope for the sun too to finish off the magical, glittery rainbow coloured paradise.

Crafting party

For those who have an artistic flair, a craft party is a great setting for a spring birthday. It can be tailored to fit with the ages of the children too, so is completely versatile.

We like the idea of harnessing the colours of spring, but staying away from anything connected with Easter – after all that is a completely different party!

Create your own clouds and rainbows using lush crafting material, or create colourful windmills – the ideas are literally endless…


Do a quick survey and ask people what they think of when they think of spring, and invariably the answer will be lambs, calves and other baby animals. It is the time of year, after all, that most animals have their young and this can make a great basis for any party.

A cow party might not seem the obvious choice, but we love the monochrome colour scheme – the black and white of the Friesian cow – backed with different shades of green to represent the fields. Opt for plates and cups that match the farm theme, along with balloons etc. and before you know it, you have a spring party that is different, but loads of fun.

Fairy woodland theme

The forest or woods, dappled in the warmth of spring sunshine, can be a magical place that kids love. The mystery of fairies is endearing and has the potential to create a gentle back drop for a lovely party.

Again, it can be altered to fit different ages and can be as simple as a walk in the forest to a picnic in the woods. Add fairies and fairy dust, bathed in pastel colours from duck egg blues to shimmering pale pinks to really finish the theme off.

Bunting flapping in the breeze, laughter as the children play and sweet, delicate morsels to eat… are we sending you there yet?! This is a great party theme that we don’t think is done enough. It is a backdrop that relies on imagination, as much as anything but instead of raucous children marauding around for hours, why not have an afternoon of pretty girls in pretty dresses, enjoying the warmth of the local woods? You never know, the fairies may make an appearance too…

Flowers and lady bugs

Again, spring is about plants and flowers once again making an appearance and brightening our lives with colour and scent. One bug that tends not to scare people – unlike it beetle and spider cousins – is the ladybug.

In fact, the ladybug is the one creature that figures prominently in many stories for children and so it seems an obvious spring birthday party theme to have the ladybug figure in at least one…

… but, don’t assume this means opting for the almost garish red and black ladybugs commonly seen as drawings in books etc. Think refinement and sophistication; have real flowers, and stick to a spring colour palette of green (bright lime sizzles well), alongside pastel and rich purple. Add a hint of cream as the accent colour and you have a refined, sophisticated ladybugs and flower theme party.

What are your ideas for a spring birthday party?