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7 Top Tips for The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day party

Sunday 17th March marks the day to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland in 2018. Celebrating all things Irish is key to any celebration on this day but what else can you do to make sure that St. Patrick’s Day celebration is one to remember?

Hosting a St. Paddy’s Day Party

The Irish are famed for their warm, generous personalities and exuberant welcome at all times but on St. Patrick’s Day in particular – and that means your home needs to feel and appear welcoming

A warm welcome starts at the door. So, when you are shopping for your St. Patrick’s Day party supplies, make sure you get plenty of Irish themed party decorations. If nothing else, bunches of green balloons on the door, on gate posts, fencing, garage door etc. announces to the neighbourhood the only place to be for the best party of the year is at yours.

2. Plants and ribbon

If there is one colour associated with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day, it is green. From green elves to shamrock, there are all kinds of green items you can invest in.

But one that keeps on giving are plants. From pretty indoor topiary to indoor flower arrangements, adding a natural element to your party backdrop is a great way of not only adding stylish detail but the all-important green colour too.

To top it off, there are plenty of fantastic examples of printed ribbons too, to add to plants and vases of flowers, as well as balloons and other items, that add even more Irish detail. Choose from shamrocks to elves or mix the national flag colours for a stunning effect.

3. Food

Of course, no party would be a great one without a few tasty morsels for your guests.

Want to party like a king?

Serve corned beef sandwiches. Yes, really! The tinned meat we know and love today was once the food of kings. In fact, it wasn’t until the 20th century that beef and derivatives thereof became affordable to the masses.

Want traditional Irish fare?

Beef stew is always a winner, as is a tasty potato soup. But don’t forget, potatoes are not ‘native’ to Ireland but an imported crop back in the times of Queen Elizabeth I.

Want an Irish dessert?

Make your own or shop-bought Bailey’s cheesecake is a must but not one steeped in Irish history. A modern take on Irish flavours, you may also want to serve lime green jelly, cakes and biscuits coloured with green food colouring and decorated with shamrocks, along with a fruit salad made entirely from green fruits.

4. Irish cocktails

An St. Patrick’s Day celebration wouldn’t be complete without a drink or two but, if you want something a little more grandiose, why not opt for some Irish-themed cocktails?

Easy to make, there are all kinds of Irish inspired cocktail recipes to follow. How about a green apple and ginger cocktail, for example?

5. Cook outside!

Parties are all about getting people together, catching up with news and creating memories. Whether you have Irish heritage or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a great excuse – if we need one! – to get together.

If the weather looks like it is going to be kind, why not cook up a storm outside? From Irish beef burger to delicious baked potatoes, there is nothing quite like al fresco dining for a relaxed party.

6. Raid your Christmas decorations

Green tinsel, pretty green baubles along with some twinkling fairy lights – or even shamrock festooned lights – are perfect for decorating inside or outside the house. A great idea for an St. Patrick’s Day party on a budget.

7. Get jiggin’!

The Irish jig is done to fiddled music and so, either plash out on a live band and get jiggin’ or enjoy the hilarity of having a go yourself with a CD and ‘how to Irish jig’ instructions!

The crux of St. Patrick’s Day is to remember the saint from the 5th century who ministered to the people of this Ireland but today is an opportunity to celebrate Irish culture across the globe.

You can do this by enjoying an Irish-inspired cocktail or two, or by gathering family and friends together to enjoy great company and great times.