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Star Wars: Baby Costume Ideas!

Star Wars is a film franchise that has long been held in high regard by a global audience. This is more than just simple popularity. This is a following by an audience that only a few other franchises or films have ever invoked.

And so, it makes sense that parents of all ages will at some point, attempt to instil this love of all things Star Wars into their children. With the new Star Wars film due for world wide release on 18th December 2015, there has been, once again, a resurgence in the popularity of Skywalker, Princess Leia, Hans Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda and so on, as well as new faces and characters such a BB-8.

At Party Bags and Supplies, we have a growing range of Star Wars accessories, including some great costume ideas for babies.

Merchandising at its best

There is a whole range and gambit of Star Wars merchandise available to purchase and party wear for children is no different. From cups to plates, to balloons to bunting, there is seemingly no end to the array of Star Wars gifts and accessories on offer.

If you are a truly Star Wars obsessed parent, you can not only deck your party venue out in style, but deck the kids out too. But, you don’t want to leave the smallest member of your family out and thus, there is a range of Star Wars baby costumes available to buy.

You can, if you are feeling creative, also create your own too!

  • Princess Leia

Instantly recognisable from her ‘cinnamon buns’ hairstyle, the costumer of the fictional character Princess Leia is easy to replicate.

Revealed as the twin of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia is a character than anyone can replicate easily when it comes to the costume. Shop bought costumes for adults, children and babies come complete with brown hat, with attached ‘cinnamon buns’ along with a white ‘over shirt’ complete with Star Wars like integrated belt. Finish the look off with white shoes or trainers and you have your own miniature version of Princess Leia.

Great for a bit of a fun, as well as being a really easy to wear costume.

  • Yoda

Of all the characters, Yoda is possible the one that holds most appeal with his compact size, green coloured face and protruding ears making him incredibly adorable. What adds to his enduring appeal is his wisdom and the rather cute, but roundabout way he communicates his wisdom.

Yoda is stern and strict, as well as incredibly old thus his quote “When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not” from the Return of the Jedi or “Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is” you can begin to see the pattern of how Yoda speaks.

Again, there is a range of Yoda costumes for adults and children. Yoda’s costume is simple and thus makes perfect sense for a small person who is just beginning to toddle around.

Layer cream coloured tops and coat over brown trousers and invest in some green ears and you have your own cute, mini-Yoda.

“Judge me by my size, do you?” is his line from Return of the Jedi – never underestimate Yoda…

  • Darth Vader

Perfect for troublemakers, Darth Vader costumes are a hit with many babies and children.

The character of Darth Vader is deep, with a troubled past of a young man that fell by the wayside. Tempted by the dark side, he gave in, taking a step from the light to the dark.

Although he is a baddie, Darth Vader still holds a certain enigmatic appeal to film fans. There is still a streak of empathy in him – he might not be all bad – and thus, he is a favourite for many people to dress up and emulate.

For babies or small children, this again is a simple costume. Leaving aside the iconic helmet mask does not detract from the overall look. With black jumpsuit with his electronic control panel on the front, along with the attached cape and hat, creating a mini Darth Vader is simple, quick and inexpensive.

For adults and older children, the helmet mask is the perfect addition although some people make find it a little claustrophobic!

Other Star Wars characters

Perhaps the great thing about dressing up as a Star Wars character is the simplicity of the costumes. There are very few characters with complicated or brightly coloured costumes; most characters are in cream and brown.

The style of the clothing is such that a brown waste coat over a cream shirt and brown chinos will instantly make you into Hans Solo.

Of course, you could always invest in the hairy costume of Chewbacca…