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Are Tea Parties Old Fashioned?

Tea parties seem easy to pull off, but are they enough to keep a child happy now? This blog talks about how to keep a tea party exciting by giving it a modern twist.

The modern-day child: constantly glued to either their phone or gaming console (or sometimes both), they are technical and digital whizz kids who live occasionally in the ‘real’ world but are more at home in the make-believe world online.

Or are they?

Parents are pressured from all sides. On one hand, they want their children to make autonomous decisions but on the other, there are authoritative magazine articles and TV programmes pointing out the dangers of children living in a virtual reality world. According to some, we are raising a generation of children and young people who feel ‘entitled’. Rarely satisfied, it seems that what we do for our children needs to be bigger, better and bolder.

Hosting a Tea Party

When it comes to birthday parties, there seem to be no limits. With parents always wanting to out-do the last party, coming up with an original theme within the realms of an ordinary family budget is, you may think, an impossible feat.

But there is something that could stave off the tantrums and the disbelief that your party cost less than a few hundred pounds to kit out and host. And it is a pleasant trip back in time to an age where the tea party was a common and genteel form of entertaining guests.

Old-fashioned or loads of fun?

There are some things that are just not cool – like dad telling his jokes or mum trying to be trendy – but there are times when ‘old fashions and trends’ become cool again. In effect, this is what is happening around the tea party.

There are components of the tea party that make it what it is;

·        Genteel but fun and informal

The British class system is something that other cultures examine with a raised eyebrow and, of course, the original tea-party from decades ago would have been awash with etiquette and social graces.

Many of these can be relaxed for your tea party celebration but as a backdrop to a party, the tea party is now considered genteel, fun and rather quaint.

·        Simple and stylish

The one aspect of hosting a tea party that makes it such fun is the style and aplomb you have to make it your own;

  • Pretty party supplies – from stylish, almost-feminine party supplies to bunting and lashings of ginger beer, the tea party is not garish in its appeal. There is no need for disco balls, glitter and high-octane partying, just a chance to get-together and celebrate a birthday or an event in style.
  • Easy on the budget – from borrowing cups and saucers with pretty side plates from (older) relatives (but no family heirlooms please) to spending a few pounds down the local charity shops to buy a box of cups and saucers with matching teapots, the tea party is relatively easy on the budget, with a modest budget stretching quite far.

·        Easy food and drink

Hosting a birthday party doesn’t have to be hard work, characterised by chaos on long lists of ‘must do’ activities and an extensive menu. Hosting a birthday party can be easy and we think when it comes to a tea party, it is not only a relaxed informal gathering but so too, is the organisation of one.

From finger sandwiches to sausage rolls to cocktail sausages on sticks, the tea party can be as simple as you want. Why fix it when the tea party menu of delicious finger food is not broken?

Did you know you can make your own cake stands too? Either choose recyclable cardboard cake stands of use old plates, drill a hole in the centre and fix it together using cake stands you can buy online.

Why are tea parties popular?

We think the answer that lays behind the success of the tea party is the fact that its simplicity belies its impact. It introduces children and young people, no matter what their age, to a new experience.

When was the last time you when to a tea party? And therein lies the answer.

You can play parlour games if the weather is bad! Or you can introduce modern party games for the outdoor tea parlour, hosted in the shade of a gazebo with plenty of fun, frolics and cake.

Versatile and delightfully pleasant, why not make your next birthday party a tea party celebration?