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teddy bear dressed in Scottish clothing

5 Tips for Hosting a Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy bear picnics are now so popular that they are celebrated with their very own day every July. Perfect for toddlers (and older children too!), they are an easy, relatively-mess-free birthday party. In this blog, we explore tips for hosting a fun and stress-free teddy bear picnic.

Tip 1 – Teddy bear invitations

Make sure you let every guest know the details of who, what, where, why and how. Set the theme with some pretty teddy bear inspired invitations.

You can have a teddy bear’s picnic absolutely anywhere: you can take teddies for a walk in the local park followed by a delicious picnic or you can invite guests and their favourite teddy to afternoon tea in the garden for fun and games.

Top tip – if hosting a party outside, you can never rely on the Great British weather! Have an alternative inside venue as plan B and don’t forget to tell your guests these plans on the invite you send them.

Tip 2 – Spruce up your teddy bears

With the invites out, now is the time to make sure your teddy bear is up to scratch for the big day. This means;

  • Giving them a wash
  • Getting them an outfit

You’ll find some charity shops stock a range of very small baby clothes or outfits for teddies, perfect for giving your teddy bear a new look!

As you prepare for the party, make sure you have plenty of adult supervisors to make sure your party goes off without a hitch. Or ask parents to stay and join in too.

Tip 3 – Pack the picnic

It may be a picnic but it takes just as much organising as a birthday buffet at home. Follow these tips for a delicious picnic without the stress;

  • Ask any guests with allergies or food intolerances to tell you as soon as possible
  • As part of your party supplies list, order food boxes because this way, you can pack everyone’s picnic individually
  • Keep sandwich fillings simple – egg with a hint of mayonnaise, grated cheese, ham, and jam are great, tasty fillings
  • Include some fruit
  • Vegetable snacks are a great idea too, especially if there are dips to go with them
  • Keep sweet treats for teddy bear themed party bags
  • Have plenty of drinks because all that running around in the fresh air playing games and having a great time will make guests and their teddy bears thirsty
  • Have some extra bits on stand-by just in case the teddy bears get hungry too

Make sure you have plenty of rubbish bags with you too, important if you are holding your teddy bear’s picnic themed birthday party in a public area.

Tip 4 – Teddy bear themed party games

No birthday party is complete without games for everyone to get involved in. if you are holding your teddy bear’s picnic themed birthday party outdoors, you’ll have loads of room to run around.

Here are some great ideas:

  • Teddy bear treasure hunt – with your teddy bear whispering guidance, why not enjoy a treasure hunt with your young guests? Hide sweets and other small gifts for them to find.
  • Storytime – for when you want to calm things down a bit, there is nothing better than a story
  • Face painting – not so much a game but a great activity for your guests. Why not paint their faces to mimic that of a teddy bear?
  • Teddy hide and seek – teddies love to get involved too so why not let one teddy hide and for the guests to find them?

Need more ideas for party games? Don’t worry, there are plenty more great ideas with party games for all ages.

Tip 5 – Hometime

It can be tough when kids are having fun for them to understand that the excitement is over and its time to go home.

But you have two things up your sleeve;

  1. Teddy is tired – and he needs to go home for a sleep!
  2. Party bags – a small parting gift is a lovely way of thanking guests for coming and bidding them farewell. Include a slice of birthday cake along with some other lovely gifts. Consider things like teddy bear themed stationary, hair accessories or even a small game. And don’t forget to include a thank you to teddy too.