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The cutest party food for kids…

Throwing a party can be stressful, with the most common source of stress being party food – anything from the feeling you do not have enough to making sure that all tastes are catered for but, once the party is in full swing, it seems that those tasty morsels you have laboured over for so long are flying off the plates!

With the ‘right’ food, with plenty of plates, cutlery and accessories to draw attention, your buffet and party food for all ages will mean your party goes with a swing.

But, with so many allergies, intolerance, likes and dislikes, a jam sandwich on white bread may no longer be the fodder of the modern day party; jelly and ice cream is no good for dairy intolerant vegetarians eithers and so, you are left with a dilemma: what to do now?

However, we have gathered together some great ideas to make the cutest party food for kids you are ever likely to come across. Here are our tips…

Tip 1: Invest in fun-shaped cutters

We often think of cutters are being for biscuits or pastry shapes but, these cutters are handy when it comes to party time too. Investing in the metal cutters can offer a cleaner cut shape, why not make some tasty nibbles using the cutters to create shapes out of bread.

Using brown and white bread you can either make open sandwiches or a filling between two slices, using the shaped cutters to cut them out. These make perfect nibble food for the adults at the party too!

You can also incorporate these shapes with the theme of your party too; for example, princess parties can have delightful little slower shaped sandwiches, space themed parties can have stars etc.

Tip 2: Getting the balance

There is a balancing act to be made with the party food; on one hand, you want to make an effort and make everyone feel included and catered for, but falling back on sugar filled ‘treats’ and cakes will do you no favours either.

Making sure that the party guests have access to delicious savouries rather than just throwing themselves at the cake and sweets is an easy trick to pull off. For example, not having the sweet stuff on display is one way of encouraging the sandwiches and other savoury sweets to be snaffled first!

Tip 3: Homemade and shop-bought work just as well!

Many people assume that only homemade food can be healthy but, with life being so very busy, making everything from scratch can take an incredibly long time… having a mix between homemade and shop bought is just fine.

Homemade pasta cheese shapes

Make a thick white sauce; melt a large knob of butter, adding in enough plain flour to make a fairly stiff dough type mixture. Over a low heat, add milk a small amount at a time, allowing it to be ‘soaked’ in to the butter and flour mixture. Keep adding the milk until you have a fairly thick white sauce, making sure you stir it the whole time. Add a fair amount of cheese (this will thicken it too) and then a whole heap of cooked pasta. The amount you use should cover the base of a tin quite thickly. Wrap in tinfoil and using a heavy book to weight it down, place in a freezer until it is solid.

Using your trusty biscuit cutters, cut out shapes from the frozen pasta mix. Lightly whip an egg and, after dipping the shape in egg, dip it in breadcrumbs. They are better deep fried, although you can deep fry them too for quicker results. Allow them to drain on paper towels and serve.

The stringy cheesiness of these tasty morsel will be loved by everyone!

Tip 4: save some of the treats till last…

… but again, no one will thank you for going overboard with sugary sweets in party bags! A handful of sweets in a party bag is just fine (if you decide to use them) and don’t forget, when it comes to the main birthday party, fruit cut in to bite seized or shapes pieces of perfect for tine hands – and for adults to nibble on too!

Tip 5: always get the info from people that you need

We are more aware today of the dietary needs of people, from catering for vegans to making sure that those with allergies are kept safe. However, you can only cater for allergies, intolerance and preferences if you know what they are, so why not add a line or two inviting people to email or text you if there are issues surrounding food?

And finally, enjoy yourself and relax, no one will leave hungry…