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The First Resolution

When do you start thinking about your resolutions? Before the 1st January? Straight after you’ve fallen onto the sofa surrounded by unopened carrier bags, sipping from a cup of cocoa? Before you’ve hung away those ‘impulse buys’?

Can you hear your justifications, year on year, ‘I will wear it, honest. Maybe to that party. You know the one, our daughter’s party. She likes me to look nice. I know she’s only two, but….’ Secretly you’re ticking yourself off, those heels, the high ones, what was I thinking? But that’s not something to be said Out Loud. We all know the rules. And if we don’t we can be comforted with the fact it takes one hour, six minutes and forty-eight seconds for your feet to hurt when tottering on the highest stiletto (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2338506/The-pain-heels-guide-How-feel-like-youre-high-heel-heaven.html). Hmm. Not so sure about that. The 48 seconds sounds about right, especially when it’s combined with sales shopping.

But, this year, there isn’t that post sale slump on the sofa, is there? Not for many of us. We’re not getting out there, we’re snuggling up, hood up on our onesies, ears standing proud (although a onesie isn’t just for Christmas – or indoors – even grown men have been known to wear them on the street – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/9628033/The-onesie-an-all-in-one-garment-reviewed.html). And we are shop, shop, shopping. Total online sales on Boxing Day increased in 2013 by 40.4% compared to 2012 (https://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/dec/27/high-street-christmas-sales-dampen).

But some things are the same, whether you are shopping online, or in-store. You have to think at some point, don’t you, that enough is enough. Take heed of the sensible fairy’s numerous taps on your shoulder (ignore the other one on the other shoulder lifting your rabbit ear and hissing ‘buy it, buy it’). The sensible fairy is saying enough is enough, before she threatens to turn you into a pumpkin for the safety and security of your bank balance. She reminds you that you have tried on 16 tops and none of them fit/suit you/would suit any occasion you have to go to (delete as appropriate). And if you are shopping at home she helps you delete the contents of your online basket before you proceed to checkout, buying several more items just like all the other ones winging their way to your doorstep – poor postman. You say you can return them. Your parcel comes with a sticky label for that very purpose. We all say that, don’t we? But how often do we actually do it? Really, genuinely do it?

So that’s your first resolution. I won’t buy any more in the sales. I promise I won’t. That’s me done. Until next time, of course.

Well, resolutions (more on this next time) are meant to be broken, aren’t they?

Time to sit back, relax and put your feet up. In your onesie. Snuggly and warm (well at least the heating can be turned down – onesies save you money – it’s a fact – https://globalcool.org/fashion/save-money-at-home-onesies-snuggies-and-duvet-suits).

And from that vantage point, feet on pouffe, you can admire your brand spanking new heels. They don’t hurt when you’re not walking in them. Onesie and heels – fashion faux pas? Who said? There’s far worse out there than that……