The morning after the sale before

So, anyone else hear the sound of tumbleweed roll across the ground when, as soon as the crusts have curled on the turkey sandwiches, someone suggests trotting off together as a family to the sales?

Battling the crowds before you begin battling the post-Christmas bulge? Shed more money before you shed the pounds you’ve piled on over the holiday period? Is that when you feel like the party’s over?

Sales shopping is what so many of us turn to as soon as the Christmas tinsel has lost its shine. There’s the thrill of the hunt for the bargain that wasn’t there in the weeks of shopping we’ve squeezed into our busy lives in the months that now lead up to Christmas. We go out, ever hopeful, expecting prices to be slashed, to find the dress we crave, in the size we now need. We drag the family around shop after shop, with maybe the occasional stop (bribe?) for a reviving latte or hot chocolate. Maybe now’s the time to focus the kids on planning their birthday parties. It might work, even as a distraction. Would your six year old like to give thought to whether they’d like a Sofia-themed party, or maybe Barbie? We all know how often the average six year old changes their mind!

Sound familiar?

But this year, many more of us have turned to Internet shopping not only for presents, but also for sales shopping. Emails pop into our inboxes telling us prices have been slashed by, yes you can believe it, as much as 75%. According to the BBC shops are expecting us to have spent around almost 3 billion pounds on online post-Christmas sales this year. So, instead of the nuclear family bickering on the back seat over the latest, newest toy, whilst queuing to get into the car park they thought they’d left behind on Christmas Eve, they crowd round the glowing screen of their tablets and browse through pages of bargains, filling and emptying virtual baskets, finally going to checkout without one blister, complaint or request for a flake in their hot chocolate.

Mind you, many of the same shopping rules apply whether your visit to the shops is real or virtual. There are certain ‘kinds’ of shopper – Dave Ramsey ( describes six types, including the Researcher, the Bargain Shopper and the Impulse Buyer. All these can still apply, even if you’re sitting in front of your laptop, rather than standing in a queue. A long queue. You can check out reviews for online purchases or in store on sites like Whatever you’re looking for a latte machine to revive flagging spirits, or a brand new buggy to push round yet more shops, you can find out what other purchasers have thought before you’ve bought. The Internet works brilliantly for the Bargain Shopper (can you resist 75% off) and the Impulse Buyer – click on checkout quickly before the store decide they no longer have it in stock…..

But, however you decide to spend your cash post-Christmas, one thing that’s a certainty – that the bills, will, at some point, come popping through the letterbox, replacing all those lovely Christmas cards. And that they won’t go away. Belts will need tightening, in more ways than one. So when the inevitable need to spend arises in the new year, for your eldest’s birthday party, or your husband’s birthday with a zero on the end (yup, we’re all in denial about the number before the zero, aren’t we?) don’t forget that can help you with putting together a variety of price-busting party items to suit all needs, in a size to suit you. And we will take the time – so you don’t have to – selecting fabulous fillers for party bags to match your chosen theme, making sure your treats are carefully coordinated, guaranteeing every child goes home happy…..