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The perfect snacks for your party bags

The party or loot bag is the perfect way to end a party. In fact, it is a tradition that stems decades but, it is as much a part of the party as singing happy birthday as the candles are blown out on the cake.

There are no hard and fast rules about what should or should not be included in a party bag, effectively giving you carte blanche to create the bag that you think best suits with your child and their party. You can choose from a vast range of party bags and supplies online, as well as on your high street.

However, children of all ages delight in diving into a party bag to find a stash of sweets and treats, thus we have come up with 5 fabulous ideas for delicious morsels to include in your party bags;

#1 Personalised biscuits or cake buns

There is nothing better than finding a cookie or fairy cake in a party bag – except perhaps finding one with your name on it!

If you have even the most basic of baking skills, making and baking biscuits is easy-peasy. All you need is a simple biscuits recipe, and some icing ready to pipe – you can buy this is most supermarkets already in tubes. They also come in a variety of colours too.

Invest in some cheap cookie cutters, and get baking.

Or, if you have more time and a little more skill, then you can actually go the whole hog and create some delicious sweet treats, all ripe for being personalised. Follow the example set by supermarkets and get your guest’s names printed on rice paper, perfect for topping fair cakes with. They are available online and are relatively inexpensive to order.

#2 Fruit additions

We don’t mean adding an apple or orange, although there is nothing to say that you can’t. There are products to buy off small, tasty morsel of dried fruit pieces – anything from apricots to orange, to apple, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries and so on.

These are delicious and sweet, mainly because the drying process removes the moisture but leaves the fructose – the naturally occurring sugar in fruit – intact. They can be bought covered in yogurt and chocolate too.

#3 Crunchy nuts and seeds

Clearly not an option for those party guests suffering from nut allergies or any intolerances, so make sure you check out of any of these issues before you plunder on.

But, nuts and seed based snacks can be an appetizing addition to many party bags. Again available in all kinds of flavours – there is nothing like a honey roast coating – or you can create your own too by dipping nuts and seeds into chocolate or syrup. Delicious!

#4 Bake-your-own

This may seem like a cop-out but, giving the ingredients for your guests to create their own cake is also a great way of adding a sweet treat to a party bag, but also including an activity in it too.

There are many providers online of dried cookie or cake mixtures that with the addition of water, and a bake in the oven, can create a delicious morsel. Include some coloured sweets for decorative and a tube of icing to help them out with their creative and colourful toppings.

#5 Make your chocolate shapes and lollipops

Again, if you are creative and have some time, this is a great way of creating something for your party bags that are relatively cheap but look – and taste! – amazing.

A high street specialist kitchen store – or buy online – will stock moulds for either making lollipops or creating your shaped chocolate delights. Clearly, you can fit these shapes with your theme too.

The lollipop moulds and small cardboard sticks are relatively inexpensive too and with some shiny coloured foiled or plastic covering for food, you can also make some delightful covers for your lollipops.

The possibilities are endless

The chances for including sweet treats in party or loot bags are endless. There is nothing stopping you from trying something different. Party bags can be a great way of introducing new foods to kids too.

The real beauty of a party bag lays in the fact that some thought and care has gone into the contents, either matching it the theme of the party or personalising some of the gifts with the child’s name on.

But don’t forget the best sweet treat of all – the addition of a large slice of birthday cake!