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three men on a stag weekend

The Rise of the Low Key Stag Weekend

In the past, a stag weekend was all about drinking, partying and embarrassing the groom-to-be as much as possible. These days, the reality is very different.

How can you throw a great stag do?

Stags these days are more about sophisticated activities than about getting drunk. It seems that more men than ever before are choosing to eschew the traditional lads’ weekend in favour of wine tasting, paintballing or even a boat trip as a cultured send-off to married life. In an unprecedented move towards a more upmarket kind of stag do, today’s modern guys are even opting for party bags and supplies to decorate the venue of their choice, giving the event a much more stylish twist.

For some time, women have been opting for a range of cultural activities. From cocktail making to group makeovers- they’ve been doing anything to venture away from the classic hen party. It’s only in the last couple of years that men have started to realise that they can have more fun taking part in group activities. In fact, it seems they prefer them over going on a pub crawl.

The Modern Stag Party

Contemporary stags can be found trying out a wide range of activities to celebrate the end of the bachelor lifestyle. Increasing numbers are going abroad for short breaks. Whilst a certain amount of drinking and partying is likely to be on the cards, the guys in question are just as likely to be found at a wine tasting event, learning to surf or visiting museums. With the average cost of a 21st century stag party coming in at just under £400, it certainly appears that modern stags aren’t skimping on the party supplies. It isn’t surprising that the costs are so high. Just take a look at the types of activities that grooms to be and their friends are choosing these days. They include:

  • Quad biking
  • Zombie boot camps
  • Wrestling lessons
  • And even activities as bizarre as baking classes!

There’s definitely a more refined touch when it comes to celebrating the big day of today’s grooms.

Think Outside the Box

A quick browse online for stag night ideas and party supplies will throw up a host of suggestions. Whilst some of those will be the old tried and tested options- many more will probably surprise you with their originality. Formula 1 experiences, helicopter flights, poker masterclasses, rally driving, tank driving, military experience days, white water rafting… the list goes on. A far cry from our parents’ generation when guys considered themselves lucky to get a night at the pub with a couple of mates.

Throwing a Classy Stag Party

If it’s your job to organise the perfect stag party for a friend or family member who is looking for something a bit more classy from their do- you could probably do with some help. The key is choosing an activity that the groom-to-be is going to enjoy. What are his interests? Does he enjoy sports, or is he a connoisseur of gourmet foods or drinks? Is he an adrenaline seeking, or does he prefer the quiet life? Picking the right activity as the centre of your event is essential to its success.

Make sure that you invite people who the groom actually wants to be there. You don’t want to invite anyone who is going to spoil the occasion by trying to lower the tone. Everyone needs to understand how the event is going to work.

Choosing the right party supplies to accompany the occasion is also pretty important. You don’t want to ruin the refined appeal by presenting the groom-to-be with learner plates or by turning up dressed as tarts and vicars. If you’re going to decorate the venue, make it tasteful!

Consider the Cost

Another factor to bear in mind is the cost of the event. It’s all very well to plan a cultural weekend in Rome visiting the tourist attractions and sights. But if none of the groom’s friends can afford to go, you’re not going to get the response you’re hoping for. Remember to cater for the crowd who will actually be attending. Whatever you’re planning, make sure that it isn’t anything where the groom could end up being injured! You won’t do yourself any favours with his bride if he’s in a plaster cast on his honeymoon.

With the right planning, you can create the perfect refined stag party for a sophisticated groom.