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The ultimate guide to kid’s party bags

Your child’s birthday party is an important social engagement. They are the delightful few hours hat friends and family come together to celebrate a birthday. Likewise, it is also a time in which children learn important social niceties.

There are many aspects to putting on a great party. Kid’s party bags are just one aspect of many that children look forward to about attending a party.

There are many articles online and in the media however, that suggest the humble party bag could actually be a diplomatic nightmare. Get it wrong, and it may be an expensive waste of time but get it right, and the humble party bag could be the very thing that you need to make your party end on a high note.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, kids simply adore the party bag and the gifts and treats that lay hidden in the depth of the tiny bag. And so, as your child’s party draws near, your thought may turn to creating the perfect party bag.

What should you include?

The basics are simple – the party bag, (the inventor of whom is lost in the annals of history) was probably a very practical solution to a very practical problem; how to carry a large slice of birthday cake home.

Thus, a large slice of delicious tasting cake, wrapped in a serviette is probably item number one in the party bag.

After adding the cake, suggestions include;

  • Sweets and treats – no party bag is complete without sweets although, with recent pressure and awareness of how sugar in drinks and so on are having an effect on children’s teeth, the inclusion of oodles of sweet things may no longer be welcome. However, providing you don’t go overboard, a few sweets is a great addition.
  • Raisins and other fruity treats – they may not be popular with kids (after all, if there was a straight choice between fruit and sweets, we know what they would go for) but including a small pack of raisins is not a bad thing. There are also many other delicious dried fruit based treats, including some that are yogurt or chocolate covered.

Should you include nuts and seeds?

There are some allergies and intolerances that you must be aware of, and nuts tend to be high in the list of foods that can cause allergic reactions in children and adults. From breathing difficulties to outright anaphylaxis shock, staying away from nuts may be the best solution. Don’t forget, people with a nut allergy can also have a reaction from any residue left on bags and other items.

  • Gift item – if you are worried about the cost of party bags, your need not be as many online party suppliers have a whole range of party bag gifts. Don’t forget that any gift in a party bag is meant to be small and nothing too extravagant. There are many favourites;
    • Bubbles mixture
    • Small, toy animals
    • Stationary sets
    • Pens, pencils and so on
    • Stickers

Buying in bulk is key! You may have seen sets of pencils in your local supermarket for example, and there is nothing to say that you cannot split these larger packs, placing individual pencils – or whatever item it may be – in each bag.

Times change

When entertaining smaller children, there is not so much need to differentiate between boys and girls toys but, at the risk of sounding contentious, there comes a time when maybe some of the items you place in the bags may be more suited to girls than boys, and vice versa.

However, bear in mind the children and their personalities, as this can be a great way of getting to know your children’s friends.

Many online articles suggest using the party bag as a means of offering personalised items to your child’s friends, such as homemade cookie with the child’s name written on it.

The bag itself

There are all kinds of party bags for sale from reputable party suppliers that the bag itself could also be part of the gift. If your budget will stretch, why not make a gym bag for each child, and place all your items inside?

Worth the effort?

Definitely, as parties are simply not complete without a filled party bag. However, if making up so many party bags seems a chore too far, why not opt for some pre-filled ones from online suppliers? In this way, there is no need to worry as there is everything included – all you need to do is include cake.