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Halloween pumpkins in basket

How to Throw the Best Halloween Party

Celebrate the spookiest day of the year with a Halloween party to remember. It’s time to show your guests that tricks can be just as exciting as treats!

Halloween is the perfect holiday to really go wild with your party planning. From Halloween filled party bags to pumpkin piñatas, the sky is the limit on Halloween. No other time of the year is quite so well-tailored to a themed get-together than all hallows eve, a day where anything is possible. To kick your Halloween party up a gear from spooky gathering to spine-chilling extravaganza, we have put together 6 steps to creating the best Halloween party.

With these 6 simple steps, you will be well on your way to giving your friends the fright of their lives this Halloween.

Consider a Theme

You’re probably thinking, surely Halloween is the theme? The answer is yes and no. To say that the Halloween theme has been done before would be a comical understatement. Halloween isn’t just pumpkins and skeletons, there is a lot more than can be explored. Retro horror movie themes, werewolf’s vs vampires, and medieval horror can all make great secondary themes that will give your party an edge.

It is important to decide whether you are using a secondary theme before planning the rest of your party. Halloween filled party bags, drinks, food, and entertainment can all be tied into your theme later.

Pick the Perfect Costume

Once you have decided on a direction to take your party in, the next step is to pick the perfect Halloween costume for yourself. As the host, you want the most dazzling and spookiest costume in the room. Adding homemade additions to shop-bought costumes can be an effective way to save time without compromising on appearance.

Set the Scene

Party decorations are vital for setting the scene of your Halloween party, after all, Halloween is all about going a little overboard. Many of the classic decorations like streamers, banners, and lights, all make great Halloween decorations. Adding fake cobwebs, dimming the lighting, and including plenty of carved pumpkins will set the scene nicely. Try to incorporate your theme as much as possible in your party decorations. However, with Halloween party decorations, too much can really be too much, so when you’re happy with the look, don’t keep adding more.

Theme Your Food and Drink

Halloween is a time to indulge in sweet treats. Once you unveil your party food, it will be all your guests are talking about. Themed Halloween foods are incredibly easy to create, often all it takes is a few changes to your favourite recipes. When trying to re-imagine your favourite food into Halloween food, look closely at the shape and texture.

Hotdogs and ketchup make creepy bloody fingers, red jelly can make a gory dessert, and a pumpkin is the perfect dip holder (as long as you haven’t carved it!) The crazier you get with your designs, the more effective they can be. There are no rules when it comes to what monsters should look like, so even a kitchen disaster doesn’t have to mean a ruined party. If in doubt, a bit of food colouring can turn any dish into a Halloween masterpiece.

Similarly, when it comes to Halloween drinks, colour plays a big role. Blood-red cocktails can be a chilling drink while floating melon ball eyes in your punch will make any guest think twice before filling up their glass.

Turn Party Games on Their Head

You’re never too old for a good party game. Not all guests will be content with eating and dancing all night long, making optional party games very important. Thankfully, Halloween is a great opportunity to introduce creative games.

If you’re stuck for ideas over party games, turning the classics on their head is a great place to start. Piñata pumpkins, eye-ball bobbing, and pin the head on the skeleton make for great games for all ages. For themed parties, try introducing a murder mystery game, tarot reading, or even a trivia quiz.

Trick or Treat?

So far, we’ve only been providing guests with treats, but Halloween isn’t Halloween without a few tricks. For a truly memorable Halloween party, plan your tricks well. Chilli chocolates can be used in games of chocolate roulette, sour sweets can be hidden in bowls of sweet treats, and decorations that come to life can be used to provide plenty of jump-scares. You can even incorporate your tricks into your Halloween filled party bags, the end part of a party that everybody looks forward to.

How are you going to make your Halloween party extra spooky?