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Tips to create an adventurous kids birthday party

Planning a birthday party to remember can be a little more difficult than you first think.

The first aspect you need to decide upon in order to create an unforgettable birthday party is a theme – it needs to be age appropriate, easy to pull off but ‘different’ and imaginative. Not too difficult then?!

However, there is one theme that is versatile, yet different; it can be what you make it and this is where we think the true beauty lies – adventure!

The days in which our children grow up, the days in which we did have changed somewhat; not all children get to hang upside down from trees, or splash in rovers and whilst we are not suggesting this is the only way to have adventure, it can make a great back drop to a party.

So, what is the best way of pulling off an adventure themed party?

Tip 1 – Choose your theme

What makes your kids tick? What do they love? It could be anything from Harry Potter to climbing, animals or swimming. Take the basics of their hobbies and interests and use this are the creative platform from which to plan your adventure themes party.

Don’t forget, parties can work just as well without the expensive of ‘commercial’ themes; having a woodland party adventure theme is just as good, if not better sometimes, that something more predictable, such as the Avengers.

Tip 2 – Plan it

Birthday parties are not just about letting kids run riot for 3 hours; they are a performance, an event to which they are invited to partake. You need a plan. You need…

  • Games
  • Activities
  • Food and drink
  • You need party bags or some such thing (although not compulsory)

This takes time, so don’t leave it all to the last minute and include the birthday boy or girl too; kids have great ideas!

Tip 3 – it all starts with the invites

Invitations are a practical consideration but, they are also the way in which the setting for the party is created. Include any special requirements on the invite – do they need to wear anything specific, for example and, if you are having an outside adventure, it is usually a good idea to suggest old clothes, wellies etc. rather than coming in your best clothes, and them being covered in mud and so on…

Tip 4 – Costumes

Not everyone’s taste but dressing up can be so much fun! It is also a great way of making sure your adventure theme goes off with a bang. How about dragons and dragon slayers, knights in shining armour and so on? The options are endless but again, assure guests (and their parents) that costumes do not need to be elaborate or expensive. An old curtain as a cape and a plastic sword is simply perfect.

Tip 5 – Decorate

Decorating and accessorising your venue will set the theme off perfectly. If you are having an army adventure, have a ‘signing up’ desk; if you are having a royal adventure, have your king or queen sat on her throne, ready to knight her guests as knights and dames as they enter the royal courtyard…

Let your imagination run wild and don’t forget, spending time creating decoration rather than just opening packets, is a great way of spending time with your own kids.

Tip 6 – Games & activities

You need these. And you need a whole heap under your cape too as you never know when you will need to step in to either tame the crowd, or get them revved up for more fun and adventure.

Traditional party games work just great and of course, with your theme, you can make small changes accordingly. The web is choc-a-bloc with great party game ideas.

Tip 7 – The food

The food is one of the most important considerations at a party, along with plenty of drinks too. However, what can really make the theme is having food served in a different way. Royals are waited on; army soldiers will get rations in a tin and knights will have a massive banquet!

Dress up your food table and make the eating of food a social pleasure for all your guests.

Tip 8 – saying goodbye…

… the majority of parties still bid farewell to their guests with party bags and again, you can stick to your theme. Keep those ration tins from your army food themes table and give age-appropriate toys and a handful of sweets as they leave. Don’t forget that people need to curtsey to the king or queen, even if they are a knight or dame…

Adventure theme parties are a great way to celebrate a child’s birthday; what will you do?